The final countdown…

This weekend saw the end of a decent block. The focus for this block was to really try and push on with bike strength. Mark Pearce ITT had set out the intervals and long rides, combined with the usual running and swimming sessions. So this weekend came and I packed up my bike and training kit and headed off to In a Spin for the weekend. When I’ve got big bike sessions I like to head up to Norfolk as the roads are a lot better for getting the power out than the busy Kent roads.

On the plan for Saturday was a swim early doors and a FTP endurance bike set of 3 hours. I swam in Kent with my good friend and regular training partner James Rodgers. The swim set was 3.7k with 10 x 200 pull in the middle. I was coming in on anything between 2.40-2.45 for the reps consistently through the 10 reps. A couple couple of poached eggs later I was on my way up to In a spin.

2 hours later I arrived changed and out on the bike. A jacket on jacket off sort of ride and more intervals you could shake a stick at. This was the set > FTP Endurance set

Sunday dawned and on the plan was a 5hr Ride with a 2hr brick run. Luckily no intervals were in there just a long day in zone 2. I was up and out on the bike at first light and headed off to meet James Ride Harder.

Soon after meeting James the puncture frenzy began, 5 in total and all for James.

After a couple of hours we decided it would be a good idea for James to head home back to bed and start the day again. I still had 3 hours left to Ride so headed off on a magical mystery tour back to In a Spin. Once back it was a quick change and out on the quiet lanes of Bungay for 2 hours of steady running. Some great thinking time! Once back it was a slight relief that the block was done. A build of a 12 hour week, a 15 hour week and finishing off with last week of 22 hours. Now for the important bit. The recovery!

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