Phase 1 – Complete.

Let me explain. The aim for the first few months of 2018 was to build my engine.

How did we go about this? I sat down with Mark and we agreed that the 2 #intelliTRIcamps would be the best place to do this! Based in Aguilas, Spain. Temperature between 14-18c, not too hot but not cold either. 1 at the end of February and 1 at the end of March. 10 days long each, my first experience of the PRO life! Mark would be present on these camps so certainly not a cafe stop training holiday!

How did I cope with the extra load? Going into these camps for myself and Mark it was a complete stab in the dark to how my mind and body would react. We’re pleased to say I reacted pretty well. At the end of the first camp I won’t lie, I was tired, really tired. The positives we took was even up till the last day I was able to execute the key sessions and execute them well.

What did we do for the 3 weeks between camps? Rested, sharpened up and did a half marathon, recovered and then it was camp #2.

Camp 2, How did that go? Even better, this camp we did more key bike sessions, starting them earlier in the week. This camp I really felt good. This has given both Mark and I great confidence that it was the right decision to give this PRO malarkey a bash.

What’s the magic mix? For me, the support I get from my family, friends, coach and training partners – Family and friends back home with there continued support. I love my training but being away from home is not something I’d do week to week. I love my home and coming away from it is something I always think twice about. Coach, having Mark at these 2 camps has really helped our athlete/coach relationship. Mark has been able to see first hand how I react to training and certain sessions and this is certainly going to catapult my progression this year. Training partners, it’s been great to train with different athletes over the two camps, especially having female PRO triathlete Kim Morrison on both camps. Having a like minded athlete in the pool when your tired chasing your feet, when your on the bike and tired knowing you’re not going through the hurting alone it’s always a big boost!

What’s next? Sharpener up and go get some races under the belt. I’m so bloody excited to get racing! The confidence is there that my fitness and strength has improved and the numbers back this up, but there’s nothing like having a hit out at a race to confirm it πŸ˜ƒ. My first triathlon will be Challenge Riccione 6th May. Between now and then I’ve got a couple of cycling time trials (some bloke called Joe Skipper keeps asking me to be in his team?) and a half marathon.

This is a great time to tell you that I’ve recently been supported by local investment company BlueOcean direct. It’s great to have them on board and look forward to the future with them as a sponsor.

If you fancy a laugh along the way you can follow me on;

Instagram – @samproctortri

Twitter – @samproctortri

Facebook – Sam Proctor Triathlete

A few pictures from the camps are below. From testing out my new Zone 3 Vanquish, getting set in my new tweaked aero position from RideHarder, putting the power down in a Bike session with Kim, keeping fast with my Parcours Chronos, putting the light Fusion SLi range to test on a interval run around the cabbage fields. The local pool we got out through our paces in! Getting my Torq nutrition ready for a big race simulation brick session and finally a social team meeting at the local cafe πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

πŸ“Έ Mark Pearce

Thanks for reading. Keep working hard and it will come.

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