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I’m Sam Proctor, 2019 is my first season as a full time professional triathlete. My triathlon journey began in 2011 where I competed in my first triathlon. From then I was hooked on triathlon and it soon turned from a hobby into a lifestyle. With no back ground in either swimming, cycling or running my training approach was very basic to say the least (and certainly something now with years of learning and experience can I say i’m that proud of).

After a few year of working my way through the age group racing series ticking off London 2013 Olympic distance World Championships and the Ironman 70.3 world championships in the process it got to 2016 and I felt there was a need to make a change, early improvements had slowed down and I felt I was in a rut.

Que the arrival of Mark Pearce head Coach at Intelligent Triathlon Training. I turned to Mark as I struggled knowing whether I was doing too much or too little especially while trying to juggle training with my full time job as a builder. Pretty much straight away we soon established I was doing too much too hard and certainly too often.

After a year of working with Mark my dad planted the seed of ‘Why don’t you try and get some start’s in some professional races’. I turned to Mark and asked if this was something he thought was possible. We got to work..

In August of 2018 I was awarded my professional license by the British Triathlon after jumping through various moving size hoops..

PS – Yes I still have to pinch myself most days..

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