You don’t know until you try..

2018 is going to give me the answer!

What am I talking about? This year we’ve decided it’s all in, let’s give this triathlon malarkey a bash. Let me explain. This year I wanted to see if I can really make the jump from a top Age group athlete to be a competitive athlete in a PRO field at 70.3 / middle distance.

How do we go about that? First things first I’ve reduced the amount of hours I work a week. Last year I was working 5-6 days in a 7 day cycle now I’ve reduced to 4 days in a 7 day cycle. We did this gradually, from December I went down to 5 days and just recently at the beginning of February I went down to 4 days.

Why not all at once I hear you say… Well, there was a couple of reasons. The training load wasn’t really there in December and January, financially I wanted to see if it could work, being realistic and honest at the moment Triathlon isn’t earning me any money but the bills still go out every month.

How’s it been going? (January) Pretty well actually, a little period of catching a bug for a week or so with about 70% of the British population but apart from that the sessions and weeks ticked by nicely. (February so far) it had its ups and downs to be honest, the sessions themselves have gone well, but the wet, cold and dark days started to get on top of me, a change of routine by now having Wednesday’s off work brought it strains and stresses to the Proctor-Bland house! It’s not all PBs and saunas at David Lloyd don’t you know ;).

What was the focus? We focussed on doing a 10k on the 11th February.

Why? Simply because it came at the end of a good training block, we wanted to see where my running was before I head off on a training camp with Mark Pearce my coach and a few other of his athletes on the 15th February.

What race did I pick? Victoria Park 10k Winter series.

Why? 30 minutes from home, cheap entry fee and most important a flat well tarmac’d path around the park.

How did that go? Pretty well actually, having not actually done a 10k straight for a couple of years I didn’t really have a goal time. I had been feeling good in training and basically set the challenge to get to the finish as quick as possible; I wasn’t racing it as a race with others as such it was a time trial for me, myself and I. I wasn’t too keen on checking my watch too much either, it was a time trial at the end of the day. I did check at 5k and went through there in 15.52. I just stayed focussed, kept relaxed and tried to think about my stride and posture to keep me running strong. I went through 10k in 31.47 but unfortunately the course was a tad bit long and recorded a 32.02. Still taking the 32.02 it’s a 2 minute plus PB.

What did it achieve? It gave myself and Mark a gauge of where my running is at and where we need to go with it. It gave me a big boost and made me feel that I’ve made the right decision to give this PRO malarkey a bash.

What’s next? Next, I head to Spain on Thursday with Mark and we get a solid 10 days of training and recovery in.

Who’s helping me through 2018?

  • In a Spin
  • Fusion Sport
  • David Lloyd
  • Zone 3
  • Torq nutrition
  • Ride Harder
  • Intelligent triathlon training
  • Parcours
  • Team Manager / bag lady Carly 🙂

Without their support I can assure you this journey wouldn’t be possible!

Happy training, stay safe and warm.

1 thought on “You don’t know until you try..

  1. Debs

    A great read Sam, and well done for remembering Carly really is the driving force to allow success to happen! Very inspirational

    Liked by 1 person

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